A Unique New Open Space


Mission Hill's laneway

The project proposes a beautifully designed outdoor space at grade which we refer to as the Laneway. This area will provide 2,853 square feet of new privately-maintained open space that will provide space for seating and other activities that will help to make this a memorable and, ideally, loved outdoor space for the neighborhood to use. The Laneway, along with other proposed support spaces and infrastructure will transform spaces which were formerly “back of house” into an attractive shared amenity in the neighborhood. The Laneway will use permeable pavers and strategically placed planters to mitigate stormwater runoff and bring a lush vibrancy to the Laneway. Plant selections will carefully consider our climate and region to reduce the overall need for irrigation.


Examples from other spaces



The project team has a vision for the Laneway becoming a truly shared space. The addition of this new space to the fabric of the neighborhood offers the community a unique opportunity to create an additional place for activities to take place that might not otherwise be found in the neighborhood today. Our team has extensive experience in multiple facets of creating compelling outdoor spaces. Our hope is that the Laneway can contribute new and unique experiences to the Mission Hill neighborhood establishing a new destination to further enhance the existing neighborhood open space network including Fitzgerald Park, Gibbons Playground, “The Yard” at the Tobin Community Center, and others. We envision several of our existing retail tenants adjacent to the Laneway, such as Milkweed Cafe and Crispy Dough Pizza, taking advantage of this new space by providing outdoor seating; however, we also aspire to create a place for children to play, a place to read a book or enjoy a coffee, a place to visit with friends on a warm summer day, and a place that compliments all of the existing parks, plazas, and spaces that currently exist in the neighborhood.

We are planning to centrally manage the Laneway so that the use of it is coordinated and that it is clean and free of litter. We will also be partnering with our retail tenants so that they may utilize the space in a collaborative fashion to ensure that all are welcome and that the logistics of daily operations can be coordinated easily. We know that creating a clean and safe space is essential to good placemaking. In addition, we strive to create a design and character for the Laneway that the citizens of Mission Hill will enjoy. With that in mind, we are exploring partnerships with local artists to establish the Laneway as a platform for the display of sculpture and public art.