Our Team

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New Urban Partners

Since 2003, New Urban Partners has been rehabilitating and developing historic, mixed-use, and commercial properties in the Mission Hill, Beacon Hill, and Financial District neighborhoods of Boston. New Urban Partners’ approach to development is focused on creating remarkable projects by both rehabilitating historic buildings as well as constructing new buildings that support the unique character of the neighborhoods in which we work. The company develops, owns, and manages its projects as long-term investments.



We thrive on solving complex urban problems in intelligent, pragmatic ways. From theoretical issues that frame policy to the practical implementation of architectural commissions, we develop a rigorous, research-based approach to finding the best answers. Our work yields fresh ways to think about how we develop and build our cities, presented with useful, compelling clarity (it’s why we’re called Utile).



We have been a partner with New Urban Partners since 2011. Principle is focused on creating authentic places. We understand that design can improve our built and natural environments. We therefore approach our work at the intersection of urban and building design, planning, development, and finance to help shape remarkable places that will inspire, possess authentic character, and stand the test of time. Our work includes architectural and interior design, historic preservation, new infill development, urban design, and city planning.